Shot Blast Machines

Shot blasting is commonly used in any industry that works with metal, concrete and construction. It is the process of blasting a surface with steel shot, small abrasive beads, at a high velocity.

When these steel beads hit a surface, debris, rust or contaminants are removed, leaving a smooth mechanical profile that will improve bonding when a new system is applied.

Benefits of Shot Blasting

Shot blasting has become an important part for many industries and applications, like bridges, automotive garages and ships. Advantages include:

  • Minimal cleanup. Shot blast machines carry a powerful dust collection system that cleans up old coatings throughout the process.
  • Efficient. Shot blasting is an easy, fast way to strip surfaces. These machines can blast and restore a surface evenly and effortlessly.
  • Environmentally-friendly. The abrasives used to blast a surface are recyclable and can be used multiples times, lowering maintenance and operation costs.

Blasting Technologies

Surface preparation and restoration varies depending on the industry, and the machinery used depends on that industry. For instance, enclosed spaces require a different method of blasting compared to an industry that mostly deals in outdoor spaces.

Depending on the machinery, different forms of blasting media are required. Steel shot media is a safe form of media used in industries that work to restore concrete surfaces.

Once a surface has been blasted, concrete floor coatings, like epoxy or polished concrete, are commonly applied. This allows for a smooth, clean finish while adhering to industry guidelines.

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