Concrete polishing is the process of grinding, hardening, and honing concrete using specialized diamond abrasives and planetary grinders.

Take a look at our concrete surface preparation specialists in action:

Our Process

  1. We start by using 30 grit metal bond diamonds on our planetary grinders then proceeded up to finer grit diamonds until we get to 200 grit.
  2. Once we get to 200 grit, we can apply a stain to color or create a design in the concrete. Next we apply glass to create a hybrid silicate densifier. This process hardens and intensifies the surface making it abrasion and stain resistant.
  3. After densification, the concrete is honed at 400 and 800 grit to eliminate scratches from the previous grinds.
  4. The last step is to apply two coats of a Mira polish sr2 impregnating concrete sealer and stain blocker. The floor is burnished using a high-speed propane burnisher and spin flex 3000 grit heat pad. The end result is a beautiful reflective concrete surface that can be easily maintained!

Hire a Concrete Polishing Specialist

Shot Blast Inc. specializes in this process, and the result is a beautiful, low-maintenance flooring finish. For more on concrete, check out why concrete flooring is sustainable and how to maintain your concrete floors.

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