According to a recent survey, people have many misconceptions about concrete flooring. While these misconceptions are valid, we want to address these concerns that our customers often face.


Floor Grinding and Resurfacing

1. They can crack.

The survey revealed that this was the biggest concern for potential concrete customers. While concrete can potentially crack, the same goes for other flooring surfaces.  Some people actually like the look of cracked concrete, especially with a decorative finish. Additionally, floor coatings can help maintain a solid surface.

2. They can be slippery.

Most flooring surfaces come with the risk of being slippery, but concrete is one of the safer surfaces. Plus, concrete polishing creates a more resistant surface that results in less slip hazards.

3. They are too cold and hard.

Many tile and stone floor surfaces can be just as cold as concrete. However, concrete floors can absorb heat that radiates in through your home. Plus, you can cover flooring with area rugs that are easier to clean than wall-to-wall carpet. This also adds some cushion to a hard concrete surface, and remember that a hard surface means a durable surface.

4. They look too industrial. 

When you think concrete, you may immediately imagine a dull looking sidewalk or an industrial factory.  However, concrete staining gives home and business owners the option to customize a surface.

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