Contractors involved in bridge deck resurfacing should be aware of this potential issue:

The contractor R.E. Pierson of Bridgton, N.J. hit a snag after the bridge deck was milled to remove the asphalt road surface and left 3/8” of residual asphaltic Tar Tack Coat on the concrete deck.  The contractor spent several frustrating weeks scraping the surface with an excavator and skid steer trying to remove the asphaltic material.  Since the deck was going to receive a waterproofing membrane, 100% of this asphaltic material had to be removed leaving the contractor in a bind.  After much discussion Kenseal a supplier referred ShotBlast, Inc. to solve the problem.

ShotBlast, Inc has a full arsenal of concrete milling, grinding and shotblasting equipment.  The problem was attacked with specialized diesel powered dust free scarifying equipment to totally remove the asphaltic material and leave a clean profiled concrete deck ready for the waterproofing membrane.  Mike Capasso from R.E. Pierson was happy with the speed and professionalism of ShotBlast’s service.  The bridge resurfacing schedule could resume without delay.