Concrete ResurfacingShot blasting is an abrasive blasting process that involves blasting high velocity abrasive beads on a concrete or steel surface.

This process removes surface contaminants, paints and sealants leaving a smooth unfinished floor system that is ready for a new adherent.

Commercial industries that require floor resurfacing or have steel profiles might require shot blasting in order to strip a damaged surface, follow safety guidelines or smooth newly manufactured products made from steel.

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Concrete Shot Blasting Applications

Concrete Surface Preparation

epoxy removal from concrete

Concrete surfaces that are constructed or need to be resurfaced to meet safety regulations us shot blasting. Bridge shot blasting is commonly required to rebuild bridges and remove contaminants.

Additional resurfacing projects that use shot blasting are parking deck membrane removal and concrete resurfacing.

Epoxy Removal

Epoxy removal requires shot blasting to remove epoxy coatings. Typically hard epoxy and mastics use diamond grinding as well to fully strip the old surface.

Other Shot Blasting Applications

Ship Building

Industries that manufacture steel products rely on shot blasting to remove unwanted burrs. Ship building industries commonly use abrasive blasting to remove rust and defects from steel sheets.

Automobile Manufacturing 

Similar to steel companies, factories that construct cars and motorcycles use blasting techniques to clean and improve the strength of their materials.

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