Pharmaceutical drug distributor Priority Solutions recently moved into a new facility. When they needed floor finishing, they called Shot Blast Inc. for help. After going over our various floor finishes, they decided that a concrete floor polish was the best choice for them. They opted out of a coating system because they preferred minimal maintenance.

The polished concrete they chose is a surface that is easy to clean and does not require dusting. Because there is no coating, the team at Priority Solutions will never have to worry about the floor chipping or peeling.

The existing floor was in bad shape from the previous tenants. It was spalled and had so many divots that it was a dangerous working environment. Our team made repairs by saw cutting around the area to create a vertical wall, and then a high strength (6,000 psi) concrete was mixed to fill in the divots.  All cracks and joints were filled with a two-part polyuria polymer.