We handle a range of jobs, from commercial concrete floor repair to large bridge shot blasting projects.

Surface Grinder

Each job requires a different type of equipment, and people often ask us what kinds of machines are capable of cleaning up a material as strong as concrete.

Shot blast equipment is made up of a variety of essential parts, and in many cases a number of turbine wheels in the machine work together to project the abrasive materials.

While abrasive blasting using a stationary shot blast machine can clean up structural pieces and things like automotive parts, we use portable equipment for our surface jobs.

For large jobs, we often use ride-on machines that can cover a larger amount of surface area at once.

For smaller shot blasting surface repairs, we can use walk-behind machines. These make it easier to blast those hard to reach spots.  We often can use these on larger jobs to fix up any spots that we missed.

We also use a diamond-grinding machine that grinds down a concrete surface, revealing a smoother surface.

What many people don’t realize is that these machines can create quite a bit of dust. Not only is this harmful to the environment, but it also is a hazard to the on-the-job shot blast professionals.

Shotblasting bridge deck in Bradford County, Pa.

That’s why we need dust collecting equipment. A dust collector uses a HEPA filter to clean the surrounding area and prevent any pollution.

Just like a car requires special attention and routine maintenance, we make sure that all of our equipment is regularly checked and serviced.

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