The Polished Concrete Guarantee

Shot Blast Inc. guarantees that the polished concrete surface  will remain dust-free for 10 years, or we will re-treat it at no cost to you.

Polished Concrete Benefits…

  • The single most cost-effective flooring option
  • Unsurpassed durability—harder and stronger than other floor finishes
  • Abrasion- and stain-resistant
  • Does not lift, peel, flake or dust.
  • Low maintenance, no-wax surface cleans with mild detergent
  • Safer surface — increased slip resistance exceeds OSHA standards (ASTM C10-28) for concrete floors
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Reflective surface maximizes available light
  • Can be customized for a decorative concrete floor with dyes, designs, even company logos

The “Green” Approach

Concrete is possibly the most environmentally-friendly flooring material in existence.

  • Concrete is composed of water, cement and aggregate, elements that are all abundantly available.
  • Polished concrete process produces virtually no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds (known to contribute to sick building syndrome and other serious medical conditions).
  • The polished concrete process is unlikely to be an irritant to people with chemical sensitivities.
  • With the high-gloss surface effect created by polished concrete, available light is maximized, reducing the need for additional artificial lighting.
  • As a material that is already on site, concrete is right there, ready to have its natural beauty emerge through the process.