Remember last night, when you tossed and turned in your sleep? You were so flustered, and stressed and just working yourself up over not knowing the answers to this one question: “What makes concrete so eco-friendly?”

After PA concrete polishing

Okay, so, no? Not what you were tossing and turning about? Well, first things first, you need to sort out your priorities. Concrete is top-notch. Get on my level. Secondly, I’m just going to give you that answer anyway. Even though you weren’t being that cool to begin with because you weren’t really wondering about it, I’m still going to tell you. Because I’m the bigger person here. Don’t be offended now. Just embrace my kindness.

First off, bye, bye carpet, hello, concrete! I just want you to take a minute to reflect inwardly. Evaluate yourself, and answer this: when did you last vacuum your carpet? Do you know what is going on down there? It’s probably a lot. Carpets love to capture all kinds of allergens. And, even worse, moldy carpet is actually a thing. Gross, but true. Be allergy free. Try concrete flooring. Easy to clean, beautiful to live with.

recycleSo, you’re busy trying to save Earth…concrete has the answers. I talked about this once before, I will talk about it again. Recycling is so IN right now. I mean, obviously you should be recycling for other reasons than just fitting in, but like, I figured you’d probably also like to know how cool it makes you. Concrete not only can be made of recycled materials, but when you are done with concrete, it can be ground up and used again! Go tell your friends! You’re so cool, even your floor is recyclable. Also tell them that you care about the earth. Because that’s important, too. You need to save your rep.

It’s all about my new favorite word, pervious. It really is a great word. It is the fancy way of saying porous concrete. Porous concrete actually does some really cool things. It allows water to pass through it, so that it can be drawn up by “roots, through trees or plants.” It also allows water to get into the aquifer (which is a bunch of materials like sand, or silt)–really important for our environment. Gosh, concrete is so nice to the world, we could even say it’s hole-y. Get it? Hole-y? Because it’s porous? Nope? Alright. Fine. Don’t enjoy my puns.

LEED-LogoIt’s got that certification, baby.LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system” and it tells us all we need to know about how great concrete is. Concrete is a sustainable building material. And we know so because LEED says so. And you don’t mess with LEED.

Aren’t you so glad that I responded to the question you had burning in your heart? Gosh, sometimes I’m such a good friend. I would say, you could call our friendship, rock solid, even maybe, concrete-like.

This post was contributed by Concreate.