Concrete Diamond Grinding

Concrete Diamond GrindingDiamond grinding is a form of concrete grinding that will clean and abrade, as well as leave the substrates smooth. This method is perfect for preparing the concrete surface for very thin applications and sealers. It removes thin coatings and mastics and smooths out surfaces on concrete, priming the surface for the next coating.

Diamond grinding is suitable for interior and exterior floors; our dust containment system allows us to operate our equipment in a dust-free environment. This way, the process is both cleaner and quicker.

Typical Diamond Grinding Applications

We often perform concrete diamond grinding to assist in the following applications:

  • Cure & Seal
  • Wax Stains
  • Thin Epoxies
  • Carpet Adhesive
  • Urethanes
  • Mastics

If you’re interested in our concrete diamond grinding service, request a quote.