Tile Removal Services

Shot Blast Inc. offers solutions to remove your VCT or ceramic tile floor. Being a full service concrete preparation and finishing company, we understand that sometimes a little demolition is needed before we can provide for you the floor of your dreams. Utilizing our ride-on floor scraper we can quickly remove tile from concrete floors. Floor scraping is the fastest way to remove well adhered tiles that ordinary man power will simply be too slow and difficult to remove. After we scrape the floor we can then diamond grind to remove the mastic underneath, leaving behind a bare concrete floor.


Our ride-on floor scraper has the weight and power to remove your tiled floor in an efficient manner. As a battery powered machine you can expect zero exhaust fumes even in small confined areas, however it still packs enough juice to run all day. With different blade attachments we have the right tooling to remove whatever you have.

cyclone tile floor scraper


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