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Concrete resurfacing services are required to clean floors and prepare them for their next finish. If you have a floor that has paint or grease present from industrial operations, shot blasting is an economical method that will properly clean your flooring system.

In industrial environments where industry guidelines are a factor, shot blasting is used to adhere to these standards.

Shot blasting concrete is suggested by most manufacturers when installing a new coating too. The process of simultaneously cleaning and profiling the floor ensures that the epoxy coating bonds well to the concrete substrate and remains intact.

Common Applications

Shot blasting generally takes place on concrete or metal surfaces in indoor and outdoor spaces. Common applications include:


goethals bridge shot blastConcrete surfaces that receive ample traffic are prone to cracks and cosmetic damage. In most cases, larger projects like bridges will need to undergo a process known as concrete scarification in order to smooth out uneven concrete prior to the shot blasting phase.

Once the top layers of the concrete are scarified, a ride-on machine is used to blast the area and prepare it for the resurfacing phase.

Paint & Epoxy Removal

Industrial and commercial spaces where old paint or epoxy was previously installed are common spaces that use a powerful shot blast machine to clean then strip the existing floor.

Parking Garages

Parking deck membrane removal involves stripping away polymer, cleaning, and recoating usually with a waterproofing surface every 10-15 years. This process heavily relies on the blasting process for cleaning purposes.

Steel Industries

Companies that work with steel, like, ship decks, manufacturing companies, and the automotive engineering industry may also rely on shot blasting to remove imperfections, mold, rust, and old coatings.


When steel beads are “shot” out of a machine at a very high velocity, they “blast” off debris and stains on the surface that can’t be removed through regular cleaning methods.

Not only is the process considered a productive cleaning method, but there are several other reasons why to consider shot blasting:

  • Minimal Cleanup

Ride-on and walk-behind machinery offer dust and debris collection capabilities that work in tandem with the process so your space is left clean.

  • Environmentally friendly

Typically, recyclable abrasive media is used during the machine’s operation, cutting back on machinery maintenance and fueling costs.

  • Precise & Efficient

Shotblasting machines offer a precise method for cleaning and profiling flooring systems that can’t be done by hand.

  • Versatile Range of Applications

The process can be used among a range of indoor and outdoor applications on a variety of surfaces.

  • Improved Adhesion

The process produces the optimal texture to adhere to a new profile.

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