concrete shot blasting on bridge

Shot blasting is a process that is normally done on concrete or metal surfaces. Steel beads are “shot” out of a machine at a very high velocity. The beads “blast” off debris and stains that are on the floor which can’t be removed through regular cleaning methods. Our method of shot blasting involves little cleanup; all of our machines have built in vacuums that collect the dust and the shot.

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Shot blasting is used to clean floors and prepare them for the next finish. If you have a floor that has paint or grease present from industrial operations, shot blasting is an economical way of cleaning your floors, giving them life, and in some cases, adhering to industry guidelines.

Shot blasting concrete is also suggested by most manufacturers when installing a new coating. By preparing the floor with shot blasting you will ensure that your epoxy coating bonds well to the concrete substrate and remains intact.

We carry a variety of machines in various sizes for your space. Large ride-on machines are ideal for warehouses or bridges, while smaller walk-behind machines can fit into an office space or restaurant.

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