Parking Deck Membrane Removal

Polymer coatings are necessary for parking decks. It’s what prevents parking garages from becoming damaged from normal contaminants. However, this membrane coating needs to be removed and re-coated every 10-15 years to maintain efficiency.

When it comes time for parking deck membrane removal, you need Shot Blast Inc. We use concrete scarification to grind the coating from the concrete. We’ll dispose of this mess, also ridding the deck of any oil stains, salt, or other contaminants. Then, we shot blast the concrete to remove any microfracturing and laitense for increased adhesion of the new membrane system.

Parking deck membrane removal processWithout proper concrete scarification, your parking garage could end up cracked and damaged. Eventually, it might become unsafe for use.

You need a company you can trust for your parking deck membrane removal. Professional removal and scarification will ensure your new coating applies correctly and lasts.

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