Epoxy Floor Removal

Removing epoxy flooring for concrete is the first step in your concrete floor restoration journey. Depending on the thickness of the epoxy coating, we offer a number of different ways to remove your coating for you. All of our solutions involve mechanical methods and are guaranteed to give you a bare concrete floor.

Epoxy Paint Removal from Concrete

Epoxy paint is different from an epoxy coating. Often times, it is installed by a professional and used to hide floor defects. Usually removal requires a form of grinding machinery.

Industrial grinding tools, like diamond grinding machines, work great to remove epoxy paints from your concrete surface.

Stripping away your epoxy and finishing the existing concrete flooring is an affordable way to maintain a durable floor over time.

In fact, plenty of industries used resurface concrete floors:

  • Office spaces
  • Commercial warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Sport facilities
  • Schools

Check out the benefits of concrete flooring and our concrete resurfacing services to understand how to preserve your surface long term.

Epoxy Removal Solutions

To remove epoxy flooring, many mechanical methods can be applied. The coating that was used on the floor is a factor when determining how to remove it properly.

  1. If the coating is 8 mils or less, it usually can be shot blasted off the surface.
  2. If the coating system is 8 mils or more, we can remove using 1,000 lb. planetary grinders and diamond grinding tools.
  3. A ride-on diesel powered scarifier with carbide cutters is necessary if the coating consists of elastomeric membranes (flexible)

After the coating is removed, you have plenty of options that will help preserve the surface. The surface can be:

  • Recoated with a high performance epoxy or urethane.
  • Densified to harden. Afterwards, we recommend sealing to protect the surface. Usually this process is used in high abrasion areas and heavy forklift traffic.
  • Polished up to 3000 grit.

Hire a Floor Coating Removal Company

When it comes time to think about removing epoxy from your industrial surface, you might consider taking a do-it-yourself approach. However, you would be optimistic to think you might be able to achieve this and hiring a professional is recommended.

More importantly, commercial buildings often need to adhere to certain safety guidelines. Hiring an epoxy floor coating company ensures that your building will follow the proper specifications to be considered safe for your workers or residents.

Epoxy floor coating contractors use tools to properly remove your floors surface effectively. Using a professional who has epoxy coating removal tools helps prevent costly mistakes and can get the job done faster.

At Shot Blast Inc., our team has experience removing all kinds of epoxy coatings. Our state-of-the-art equipment safely removes even the toughest of coatings.

Looking for reliable coating resurface services? We service Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia and beyond! To learn more about our process, check out this Philadelphia, PA job where we used shot blast machinery to remove old epoxy.

If you’re interested in an epoxy floor coating removal, request a quote.