Epoxy Floor Removal

Epoxy removal from concrete is the first step in your concrete floor restoration. Depending on the thickness of the epoxy coating, we offer a number of different ways to remove your coating for you. All of our solutions involve mechanical methods and are guaranteed to give you a bare concrete floor.

Concrete Coating Removal by Mechanical Methods:

  1. If the coating is 8 mils or less, it usually can be shot blasted off the surface.
  2. If the coating system is 8 mils or more, the system can be removed utilizing 1,000 lb. planetary grinders and diamond tooling.
  3. If the coating consists of elastomeric membranes (flexible), a ride-on diesel powered scarifier with carbide cutters is necessary.

Once the coating system is removed there are several options for preserving the surface:

  • The surface can be recoated with a high performance epoxy or urethane.
  • The surface can be densified to harden and then sealed, this is recommended in high abrasion areas and heavy forklift traffic.
  • The surface can be polished up to 3000 grit.

If you’re interested in an epoxy floor coating removal, request a quote.