Concrete Diamond Grinding

Concrete diamond grinding is the process of using planetary equipment to grind a concrete surface in order to clean or smooth it out. We mount various diamond pads that are designed to achieve different results and finishes on your floor.

Aggressive diamonds, known as “PCD’s,” are used for the removal of thick materials like mastics and epoxy floors.

Metal diamonds are used to hone the floor into a semi-polished look, while transitional and resin diamonds are used when polishing a floor.

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Benefits of Concrete Diamond Grinding

carpet mastic removalCreating a clean, smooth concrete surface can be easily achieved with a diamond grinder. These systems increase friction resistance which helps restore concrete profiles that have irregularities like bumps and dips.

The process’s ability to improve driving surface texture and pavement ride quality can reduce roadside accidents, exterior noise, and promote tread-pavement interlock for commercial trucks on the road.

Another major bonus is the equipment can be used during off-peak hours and without the need to close adjacent roadways.

If your space has mastics or a high build epoxy, a concrete diamond grinder works to grind the existing material off too! Diamond grinding is often used as a way to provide a reasonably priced finish in these kinds of larger industrial spaces.

Finally, diamond grinding builds up surface resilience, which makes the polished, restored surface harder to wear down in the future compared to the existing uneven profile.

Diamond Grinding Applications

At Shot Blast Inc., we offer a semi-polished floor that we call a “Grind & Seal” which is suitable for industrial settings.

This method is typically applicable for:

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