Tile Mastic Removal

80,000 Square Foot Tile and Mastic Removal Job

Looking for carpet and mastic removal? We use concrete diamond grinding to grind away the mastic and create a smooth, clean surface.

Removing adhesive bonds from concrete can be a messy job if you don’t use a grinding system that can keep your space dust-free.

Professional tile removal is executed with a special ride-on machine known as a grinder. These units help perform exterior and interior tile jobs quickly and without a mess using weight, speed, and torque.

When it comes to heavy, old flooring systems, a ride-on machine can easily strip a variety of adhesive materials in one pass. Most of our equipment is battery powered and designed to run all day long.

Types of Adhesive Removal

There are plenty of adhesive removal solvents on the market, but few can remove all mastic safely or quickly.

Our team can remove the following mastic types from your concrete surface:

  • VCT/LVT adhesive
  • Ceramic thin set removal
  • Carpet mastic

VCT & LVT Adhesive Removal

VCT and LVT tiles are popular and typically inexpensive options for buildings with high foot traffic. Both adhesives bond well to concrete and take an experienced professional to remove.

Thin Ceramic Removal

Thin ceramic is a common adhesive found indoors and outdoors to bond porcelain tile to a floor. Its water-resistant nature can make the removal process difficult, leaving the existing system bumpy or uneven.

Our grinding machinery works to remove tile while evening out these kinds of imperfections along the way.

Carpet Mastic Removal

Black mastic adhesive is particularly tough to remove and commonly found in older buildings, warehouses, and factories.

Black mastic often contains asbestos, which is why it is necessary to call in a professional. Removing asbestos can be dangerous and requires an asbestos certified contractor on the job.

Contact a Floor Tile Mastic Removal Contractor

Removing tile mastic adhesive might seem straight forward, but the process can be time-consuming and dangerous without the right equipment. A professional will not only be able to quickly and safely remove tile mastic but will be able to do so without causing harm to the existing floor system.

At Shot Blast Inc., we have decades of experience operating state-of-the-art machinery to successfully remove your mastic while maintaining your existing floor system. Contact the experts to safely remove your flooring.

For more information about our carpet and tile mastic removal services, fill out our contact form.