Concrete Floor Preparation Contractors

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a process that uses small steel beads that blast a concrete or metal surface in order to prepare a floor for the next finish. Our concrete floor preparation contractors use machines that are modern, involve minimal clean up and are designed to safely blast your surface.

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Concrete Grinding and Densification

Concrete Diamond Grinding

Concrete diamond grinding is used to grind off existing mastics or epoxy coatings to provide a smooth, clean surface that is ready be refinished. Our “grind & seal” method is a popular service that involves grinding and resealing a space to give it a semi-polished look.

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Shot Blast Edges a Floor

Concrete Scarification

We use concrete scarification to remove tough floor systems like parking deck membranes or traffic lines. Rolls of carbide tipped blades cut down entire surfaces offering a fresh, even surface.

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epoxy removal

Epoxy Floor Removal

We have a solution for removing any epoxy or floor coating. Learn more about our tools, the stripping process, and the reliable coating systems we use to preserve your floor.

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Parking Membrane Removal

Parking Deck Membrane

To keep your parking deck membrane safe and effective, the membrane coating should be removed and recoated every 10-15 years. Learn more about how we scarify and blast your surface to remove coatings and increase adhesion in preparation for a new membrane coating.

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Tile Removal

Utilizing our ride-on floor scraper we can quickly  remove any VCT or ceramic tile floor. Afterwards we can grind to remove the mastic underneath.

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Surface Grinder

Carpet & Tile Mastic Removal

Chose a safe, clean way to strip your carpet or tile mastic surface. We use diamond grinding on exterior and interior surfaces to remove tough adhesives and provide a new, even surface.

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