Pennsylvania Concrete Resurfacing

A damaged floor is no joke in the work place. It only takes one slip and fall for the floor to become a disaster. When calling for repairs, you’ll want to make sure you find a company that handles concrete resurfacing the correct way. Otherwise, the repairs won’t last.

Shot Blast Inc. has been working in PA concrete resurfacing for years. We do repairs the right way, beginning by identifying the source of the damage. Then, we shotblast away the damaged layer of floor as well as old floor coatings. After resurfacing, we also apply concrete floor coating to ensure the repairs last. At Shot Blast Inc., we use a special concrete polishing system.

Concrete Resurfacing at the Emergency Training Center in Delaware County, PA

The old concrete floor in this facility had yellowed and become uneven after years of wear and tear. We replaced the bad sections with new concrete, then used a diamond grinder to ensure everything was smooth and even. After all of the grinding, we applied a guard sealer. The final step was to burnish the floor.

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