Maryland Concrete Resurfacing

concrete resurfacing md

Concrete floors are popular because they are practical, durable, and fairly maintenance-free. However, floors that are damaged or degraded require the attention of skilled professionals. If the proper measures aren’t taken, the repairs won’t last.

At Shot Blast Inc., we take the time to identify the cause of the problem before concrete resurfacing. Then, we’ll customize our repairs to ensure the issue doesn’t cause continued damage. Typically, our concrete resurfacing process begins with scarification or shot blasting to remove the damaged parts and old floor coating. Then, we will resurface your Maryland floor and finish with a floor finish to keep it looking brand new for a while to come.

Concrete Resurfacing at the Canton Car Wash in Baltimore, MD

This slippery floor needed to be shot blasted, stained, densified, and sealed. The floor caused two slip and fall incidents at the Baltimore, MD car wash in the past year and was in serious need of concrete resurfacing.

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