Concrete Resurfacing in Delaware

delaware concrete resurfacing

A damaged concrete floor left untreated can be dangerous, and not to mention, an eyesore. Dealing with resurfacing requires top-notch work from experienced professionals. First, the existing surface must either be repaired or completely removed.

Shot Blast Inc. specializes in concrete resurfacing DE work. With our many years of concrete preparation experience, we have the tools, technology, and knowledge to fix your damaged concrete surface.

The Concrete Resurfacing Process

When we go into a new job, we first want to determine what damaged the old surface in the first place. When we understand the root of the damage, then we can better tailor the new flooring to meet the needs of your business.

Then we move forward with removing the old surface, through scarification or shot blasting. From there we perform the concrete floor restoration process, which involves coating application, resulting in a durable long lasting floor.

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