Specifications for New Concrete to be Polished

Preferred Mix Design Specs

  • 3500 psi minimum
  • Pozzolans—No more than 15% cement replacement is recommended
  • Admixtures—in moderation, admixtures are ok for use with polished concrete. Superplasticizers will require removal with a stripper before attempting to grind and polish

Preferred Flatwork Finishing Specs

  • Preferred Floor Flatness (FF) of 50
  • Preferred Floor Levelness (FL) of 35
  • Alternative to FF/FL is the strike-off method:
    • 0″–1/8″ is favorable
    • 1/8″–1/4″ is wavy/unfavorable
  • Bull-floated, smooth, pan-finished floor from edge to edge, with no rough areas
  • Concrete Compressive Strength: 3,500psi to 5,000psi
  • Lightweight Concrete: Not allowed if aggregate exposure is required.
  • Concrete Curing: Minimum 8 days water cured or dissipating curing compound applied.
  • Laser screeding is good for ensuring flatness.
  • No trowel marks
  • Do not burn when power troweling
  • No indentions left on surface (ex: knee marks, shoe prints)

Keep in mind, concrete must cure for at least 28 days before polishing.