concrete floor final stageConcrete flooring is a becoming viable option for businesses looking to invest in sustainable flooring.

Many flooring companies are marketing environmental surfaces made of materials like bamboo or cork fibers; however, there is still the need to harvest and transport these materials before installation.

Let’s take a look at why investing in a concrete floor is a sustainable and smart decision.

The Benefits of Concrete Flooring


Concrete flooring is one of the most sustainable options on the market because it lasts the longest. Once you choose concrete, you won’t worry about deciding when to replace it. Because you aren’t worrying about floor replacements, you’ll also be cutting down on waste that would otherwise be sent to a landfill.

Concrete Stains

Sprucing up your concrete flooring with decorative stains and colors is a low maintenance way to customize your flooring, eliminating the need for extra materials like tile or carpeting. Concrete staining products are usually low odor and toxic free, so you won’t have to worry about air quality.


Sometimes concrete can crack from too much wear or poor installation. In the event that your concrete flooring does need to be replaced, the existing concrete can be recycled.

According to the American Concrete Pavement Association, projects that involve steel reinforcement and airplane pavements use recycled concrete aggregates. Recycled concrete aggregates are concrete that has been broken down and crushed; typically a virgin aggregate is mixed with a recycled concrete before reuse.

Energy Efficiency 

Concrete flooring has a high thermal mass, which retains temperature longer than other surfaces like wood and carpeting. Spaces that are designed to conserve energy bode well with concrete flooring because you are limiting the amount of forced air flow, which also cuts back on utility bills.

Air Quality 

Carpeted floors accumulate an alarming amount of dust and can be hard to remove if dust mites are deeply embedded into the fabric. In fact, it’s impossible to vacuum up all of the bacteria and dust mites that consume carpeted flooring. Individuals effected by dust may find that concrete flooring offers an easy-to clean alternative.

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