We recently completed a job at Winnie’s LeBus Restaurant on Main Street in Manayunk, Pa.

Winnie’s main kitchen had a badly cracked ceramic tile floor with a concrete sub-floor that was unstable. When the floor was cleaned, water would run through the cracks into the lower level kitchen. The ceramic tile and concrete sub-floor were completely removed down to the floor joist.

Then two layers of ¾” plywood were screwed down to the joist. We now have a stable base to install the Urethane Mortar flooring system to the plywood surface. Before application could begin, all plywood joints were taped with fiberglass mesh and a flexible epoxy water proofing membrane. After the joints cured, the flexible epoxy membrane was applied to the entire plywood surface.

Then the Tile Red Urethane mortar was troweled down at ¼” in thickness and backrolled. While still wet, Quartz was broadcast into the wet Urethane until rejection. This was allowed to cure then we came back and vacuumed all excess quartz from the surface. Then the top layer of Urethane Mortar was applied with squeegees and backrolled to level surface.

This system is designed for high volume kitchens where daily cleaning with hot water (steam) and detergent is necessary to remove all the grease from the kitchen floor. This system holds up much better then epoxy systems which crack when subjected to hot and cold temperatures.

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