Concrete Floor Repair in Delaware

Over time, floor surfaces gradually age and deteriorate, leaving a not so pretty and often dangerous surface. However, concrete is a surface that has strong durability, making it a great option for warehouses, factories, and places that see high-volume foot traffic.

Even the strongest surfaces suffer from aging, and that’s why Shot Blast Inc. offers concrete floor repair DE services that can restore the flooring to its original state. Instead of simply patching up cracks and ignoring structural problems, Shot Blast fully repairs and polishes the concrete surface.

A concrete floor repair job often begins with diamond grinding, which smooths the surface. Then, we shot blast any layers of contamination, which leaves behind a clean mechanical profile that is easier to work with. Finally, we seal up any cracks and holes with concrete floor epoxy and apply a two-part polyester Urethane for superior chemical and abrasion resistance.

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