What is Concrete Floor Epoxy?

Unlike regular floor paint, epoxy is a two-component system that consists of polymer resins and hardeners. When these two components are combined the result is a chemical bond that creates a tough plastic material that bonds to your floor.

Watch the Floor Coating Process

Benefits of Concrete Floor Epoxy

Choosing a concrete floor coating is an important step in preserving a clean surface for many years to come. At Shot Blast Inc, we like that epoxy provides many benefits, including the following:

  • Easy to clean. An epoxy covered surface can easily be wiped free of dirt and dust. This makes it the perfect choice for factories that deal with day-to-day mess and debris.
  • Durable and chemically resistant. An epoxy floor coating adds a protective cover to a surface that lasts for years to come. Plus, these surfaces are protected by a chemically resistant shield.
  • Safe. A coating improves the overall safety of a room, as epoxy is slip-resistant.
  • Attractive. Epoxy dries to a high gloss shine, and we offer a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Plus, they can improve overall work area brightness.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Less maintenance means you are less likely to have to replace the flooring. Epoxy helps to keep a sustainable service looking good for years
  • Cost efficient. There’s no risk when investing in concrete floor epoxy. It helps to reduce overall maintenance and cleaning costs. Forget about upkeep costs.

Transform Your Floor with an Epoxy Coating

Take a look at how an added floor coating can enhance your space:

Before and After Concrete Floor Epoxy

Not only does epoxy floor coating give off a high gloss shine, epoxy flooring can increase workplace productivity; it creates an easy surface for transport vehicles, which improves the movement of materials and prevents floor damage from hindering efficiency.

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