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This time-lapse video shows the process of installing an epoxy/urethane high performance floor.

Our Process

An epoxy floor is comprised of multiple layers of epoxy. First, we start with a floor that has been prepared by shot blasting, then we apply a base coat of epoxy or primer to provide a strong bond to the concrete. After that, we apply intermediate coats of epoxy to achieve desired thickness. We finish with a topcoat that is best suited for your space.

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Concrete Floor Coating Systems

Here are the various epoxy and epoxy urethane systems that we provide:

  • Thin Film Coating Systems
  • High Build Coating Systems
  • Full Broadcast High-Performance Systems
  • Decorative Quartz Systems
  • Microchip Flooring Systems

All the above systems can be finished with a urethane topcoat for ultimate chemical and tire stain resistance.

Concrete Floor Refinishing Applications

Epoxy flooring can be used almost anywhere, however there are several industries and facilities that are best served with having an epoxy floor.

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Airplane hangars
  • Automotive facilities
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Athletic facilities
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Fire Houses
  • Auto dealer service departments
  • Retail spaces

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