After PA concrete polishingWe’ve probably said this about a million times, but one of the best parts about concrete is that it is SO easy to maintain over the years.

While a concrete floor does not absorb any mess, it does seem to attract dirt and dust. Leaving a floor dirty could result in scratches, especially if it is in an area that receives heavy foot traffic.

Like any other surface, you’ll still want to make sure that your concrete is nice and clean. We have a few easy spring cleaning tips for making cleanup as easy as possible.

1. Protective Coating. Many concrete floor systems are setup with a concrete floor coating. Having this protective layer or adding on concrete polishing can help keep your floor looking great all the time.

2. Entrance Mats. It might seem silly, but high traffic areas seem to be the dirtiest. Keeping entrance mats outside your business helps to keep the dirt out and eliminate the chance of scratched up floors.

3. Dust and Damp Mopping. Dry mopping is an essential step in keeping a surface clean. To do this properly, first sweep and vacuum the surface,. Then, use a microfiber dust mop to get all the remaining particles up.

From time to time, you’ll also want to mop using neutral cleaners. Don’t ever use ammonia, bleach or vinegar or products containing high phosphate levels or pine oils.

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4. Refinishing. If your concrete floor hasn’t been refinished in a while, it might be time to look into concrete floor repair service.  Your concrete contractor should give you a guideline on how frequently you need to refinish the system.

Taking a little extra time to keep your floors clean will not only improve the overall appearance, but it ensures that your surface lasts for years to come.