Shot blasting is the process of propelling abrasive material against a surface under high pressure.  A variety of shot blasting techniques exist, including bead blasting.

Bead Blasting Process

Bead blasting is a type of shot blasting that releases fine glass beads at a high pressure to clean a surface. It is often used to clean calcium deposits from tiling and other surfaces. It can also help brighten grout color.

Bead blasting is commonly performed on metal, glass, rubber and plastic surfaces to create a smooth and shiny finish. This blasting process is commonly used on flooring, cabinets and automobiles.

When to Use Steel Shot Beads & Glass Beads

Steel Beads

steel grit Steel beads are used in shot blasting and are generally made from molten steel that is poured into a round mold impression. Similar to glass beads, steel beads are a cost effective alternative compared to other abrasive media forms because they are tough and can be used several times.

Steel beads are generally used to polish or remove unwanted textures and contaminants on hard surfaces like metal and concrete.

Glass Beads

crushed glassGlass beads are used in bead blasting and are generally made from lead-free, soda lime-type glass that is shaped into balls. Glass beads are environmentally friendly and can be recycled approximately 30 times.

Bead blasting is a gentler process than steel shot blasting, as the glass beads are softer on the surface.

While bead blasting is helpful in some situations, concrete shot blasting is the best option for concrete floor repair.

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