Surface PolishingAuto body shops are designed to safely store a handful of cars at a time, as well as some pretty heavy duty equipment. Thinking about all that weight makes it difficult to understand what kind of surface could withstand such regular abuse.

Most auto body shops have concrete flooring, sometimes equipped with polishing, that can maintain its profile over the years. Even with tons of equipment driving in and out of the auto body shop, a concrete surface is durable enough to handle the daily activities.

The Benefits

It’s easy to understand the benefits of a polished concrete floor in a commercial or industrial setting. First, a concrete base is strong and makes for a solid garage foundation. With added polish and surface coating, the floor requires less maintenance throughout the years, meaning it’s less susceptible to weathering and cracking.

Auto body shops and auto repair shops alike are prone to spills, whether a car leaks motor oil or a technician spills some antifreeze. Luckily a concrete floor coating makes cleanup easy, as most liquids can be picked up with a mop rather than sticking around for years to come.

Last but not least, concrete polishing creates a safer environment, as it reduces slip hazards. Safety is of utmost importance in a setting where heavy and dangerous equipment (not to mention much of it is on wheels) could cause some big problems.

The Process

Floor Repair

Updating a concrete surface begins with the process of shot blasting, or shooting high velocity steel balls at the surface. This removes contaminated and aging concrete, revealing an improved mechanical profile for better bonding.

From there, diamond grinding applications smooth out the surface, leaving a clean and safe floor.

In many cases, this is followed by concrete floor coating or polishing to harden and add increased protection to the surface.

A clean and functional garage (with a durable floor) is important for auto body shops to maintain efficiency in a safe environment.

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