Concrete isn’t just for floors anymore. Lately, the sturdy material has been used to create some surprising everyday items. To top it off, these items are completely functional and feature some pretty cool designs. Below is our list of the top 5 surprising uses for concrete:

1. Espresso Machine

You read that correctly — someone managed to make a concrete espresso machine. Israeli designer Shmuel Linski was inspired to bring concrete designs into the kitchen. His design works by loading coffee beans into the top, and water into the back.

2. Speakers

Again, Linski has baffled us with his exposed concrete speakers. He even used a special horn speaker technology to ensure that the concrete didn’t affect the sound quality. Check out his page to see images of this beautiful and functional work of concrete.

3. Pool Tables

Have you dreamed about an outdoor pool table that could survive the elements? It’s here. The concrete pool table features a beautiful, sturdy concrete base with leather pockets and felt that won’t be ruined by the outdoors. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about smacking into walls with the back-end of your cue stick.

4. Desks

According to Apartment Therapy, cement desks are a new DIY trend. Simply pour and construct your own custom desk. You can even leave holes for electrical wiring or add desktop fixtures.

5. Houses

In other countries, this probably isn’t so surprising. However, the cement home architecture isn’t nearly as common in the U.S. This type of construction is cheap and sturdy. It also allows builders to change their minds about design without wasting resources. They simply fill in the window hole or chisel out a new one.

And remember, concrete polishing will help maintain the surface. Be sure to contact us if you’re taking on any of these surprising concrete projects!