Shot Blast Inc. can install polished concrete flooring into your business today. More and more people are choosing polished concrete because it makes for a durable and visually pleasing surface finish that is perfect for businesses of all sizes. We have compiled a list of the top 5 businesses that should consider polished concrete.


1. Grocery Stores: Grocery store tiles seem to suffer from shopping cart abuse. Polished concrete creates a durable finish that is easier to clean and maintain years after installation.

2. Malls: Malls can be massively sized and see a ton of daily foot traffic. A polished concrete finish gives an aesthetic value like no other surface. Plus, the lifetime costs and maintenance make it a smart choice.

3. Car Dealerships/ Showrooms: Polished floors have an increased reflection of light and will give your showroom the perfect amount of shine. The flooring is durable enough to handle a car display while also attracting customers.

4. Hospitals/ Healthcare Facilities: Hospital floors need to be safe, durable and welcoming. Polished concrete can be more inviting than other flooring options and it has increased slip resistance to keep all your staff and patients safe. These surfaces also don’t require as many chemicals to clean so it’s safer for everyone.

5. Schools: School buildings need a flooring system that is sustainable. Polished flooring is the most environmentally sustainable and low cost. You won’t worry about floor maintenance and replacement. Polished concrete can be recycled and concrete helps to reduce cooling and heating costs.