Shot Blast Inc Helps Priority Solutions

Pharmaceutical drug distributor Priority Solutions recently moved into a new facility. When they needed floor finishing, they called Shot Blast Inc. for help. After going over our various floor finishes, they decided that a concrete floor polish was the best choice for them. They opted out of a coating system because they preferred minimal maintenance.

The polished concrete they chose is a surface that is easy to clean and does not require dusting. Because there is no coating, the team at Priority Solutions will never have to worry about the floor chipping or peeling.

The existing floor was in bad shape from the previous tenants. It was spalled and had so many divots that it was a dangerous working environment. Our team made repairs by saw cutting around the area to create a vertical wall, and then a high strength (6,000 psi) concrete was mixed to fill in the divots.  All cracks and joints were filled with a two-part polyuria polymer.

Philadelphia Museum of Art 2,000 Square Foot Commercial Kitchen Area

philly art museumShot Blast Inc. had the opportunity to complete some concrete floor repair at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This job was focused on fixing up the commercial kitchen area and involved a number of steps. Our process was as follows:

1.  Diamond grind to remove old coatings from floor area.
2.  Prime with two component epoxy.  Fill all holes and cracks using flexible epoxy.
3.  Apply High build two-component epoxy and broadcast quartz until rejection.
4.  Sand floor to even out texture.
5.  Apply top coat of two component Urethane mortar for non-slip and easy

Take a look at some of the job photos.

Shot Blast Inc. Completes Quick Job for the New York Rangers

225px-New_York_Rangers.svgThe Stanley Cup finals are underway, and Shot Blast Inc. is getting a front row seat at Madison Square Garden.

We were hired to do a concrete removal job with a strict deadline. It needed to be accomplished by Monday morning, and we completed in by Sunday evening.

We had two days to remove 1/2″ of concrete overlayment from 15,000 square feet of their main floor over a weekend. This was done to accommodate a new ice system for the New York Rangers Hockey club.

This large job could only be accomplished because of the Modified Diesel powered
scarifying equipment that Shot Blast Inc. used.

Take a look at some photos from this job.

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Concrete Floor Repair at Winnie’s LeBus in Manayunk

We recently completed a job at Winnie’s LeBus Restaurant on Main Street in Manayunk, Pa.

Winnie’s main kitchen had a badly cracked ceramic tile floor with a concrete sub-floor that was unstable. When the floor was cleaned, water would run through the cracks into the lower level kitchen. The ceramic tile and concrete sub-floor were completely removed down to the floor joist.

Then two layers of ¾” plywood were screwed down to the joist. We now have a stable base to install the Urethane Mortar flooring system to the plywood surface. Before application could begin, all plywood joints were taped with fiberglass mesh and a flexible epoxy water proofing membrane. After the joints cured, the flexible epoxy membrane was applied to the entire plywood surface.

Then the Tile Red Urethane mortar was troweled down at ¼” in thickness and backrolled. While still wet, Quartz was broadcast into the wet Urethane until rejection. This was allowed to cure then we came back and vacuumed all excess quartz from the surface. Then the top layer of Urethane Mortar was applied with squeegees and backrolled to level surface.

This system is designed for high volume kitchens where daily cleaning with hot water (steam) and detergent is necessary to remove all the grease from the kitchen floor. This system holds up much better then epoxy systems which crack when subjected to hot and cold temperatures.

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Concrete Floor Epoxy at PA Liquor Control Board Warehouse

We recently completed a project at the PA Liquor Control Board 30,000 square foot distribution center. The large job included concrete floor restoration, joint repair, and epoxy coating.

After completing joint repair, we finished the job with a moisture mitigating system and epoxy urethane finish. The new flooring not only looks great, but is safe and durable.

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Helicopter Landing Pad Restoration

We recently completed a helicopter landing pad restoration job at Lankenau Medical Center in Wynnewood, PA. The original paint was beginning to fade, so we added some color to make the landing pad stand out.  Take a look at these before & after photos.